Use it or Lose it!


Mature-woman-at-front-of-exercise-classAs our life spans stretch longer so must we! Being inactive (sedentary) builds in increasing hazards to the 55 year and older group. In particular osteoporosis (bone weakening in men and women) obesity, osteoarthritis of large joints and muscle weakness often weakness often resulting in falls, balance problems and strains. Recent studies also confirm increase loss of mental function (Alzheimers) and or general deterioration of complex thinking.

Dr. Richard Kreider, researcher with Baylor University Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory has studied aging and the Curves program. This is an excellent exercise routine especially for those who have not stayed conditioned and active and also those with physical disabilities.

A diet higher in protein allows for fat burning and muscle sparing weight loss. The goal for an exercise program for seniors should be fat loss, but rebuilding and retaining muscle mass.

So get those cross trainers on and take charge of your aging!

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