Tips to Prepare for Your First Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Laser resurfacing is a popular treatment among those looking to address wrinkles and other common skin issues. Technically speaking, fractional laser resurfacing is a micro thermal treatment for the skin. It delivers laser pulses to create microscopic perforations in the skin, thus activating the body’s natural healing process. This activation of the healing process restores the skin and helps return its youthful appearance. The treatment is typically quick and painless, but some preparation is required before a resurfacing session. Below are four things you can do to prepare for your own laser resurfacing treatment.

Consider Your Medications

Medications that make the skin sensitive to the light, like antibiotics and steroids, should be avoided up to two weeks prior to and after the skin resurfacing treatment. This will give you the best results and maximize your comfort after the procedure. Laser pulses on the dermis of the skin can cause an itchy sensation, slight swelling and flushing of the skin. These side effects normally last 12 to 72 hours, but certain medications may exaggerate these side effects. This is something you will want to discuss with us, prior to scheduling a treatment.

Check Your Eligibility for the Treatment

Not everyone is eligible for a laser resurfacing treatment, so it’s important that you call to discuss your options in advance. These are some of the things that could make you ineligible for skin resurfacing:

  • Currently undergoing chemotherapy or cancer treatments
  • Having an autoimmune disease
  • Having an implanted electrical device or pacemaker
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Some skin diseases or facial rashes

What You Should Expect During the Treatment

Learning the basics of what happens during your resurfacing session is a major part of preparing for the treatment. For example, the treatment itself is relatively painless, as a freezing compound is applied to the skin starting about 1 hour prior to the procedure. A fractional treatment should be performed only by a laser trained Aesthetician, Physician or an RN. The number of sessions required and the length of the treatment depends on the type of problem and the area involved. Treatment times can last as little as 5-10 mins on a scar to approximately 45 mins for a full face or the neck. Learning all of these things will help shape your expectations, and allow you to book the most appropriate time for your appointment.

The staff at Laser and Skin Care will be pleased to help you understand the benefits of Laser Resurfacing and whether or not you’re a good candidate for this procedure. Please contact us for a free consultation at 403-347-8050 or on our “Contact us page” via website at