1. Don’t skip meals – this is hard on overall metabolism and often contributes to weight gain due to over eating at the next meal.
  2. When you feel full, STOP! and slow down. Allow yourself those few minutes (15-20) in the busy day for intake.
  3. Snack smart! Avoid high sugar and high fat commercial snacks which set your cravings for more!
  4. Avoid meals within 3-4 hours before bed.
  5. Water, water and more water! 6-8 glasses per day (48-64oz) for good digestion, hydrated skin and brain health. This may be difficult to fit in a busy work schedule. For every sugary/caffeinated drink, chase it down with equal amounts of water. You don’t gain weight from water!
  6. Watch portions – we eat far more than we need in one sitting. HINTS (a) Use a smaller plate for at least one meal per day. (b)Try to stick to a meat portion the size of the palm of your hand, cereal or pasta the size of your fist, one teaspoon of butter the size of your thumb, fruits 1-2 cups max in a day and veggies 2-3 cups in a day.
  7. Vegetables-try to have two different kinds per meal. Generally less sugar content than what’s in fruit. This leads to better sugar/insulin stabilizing which leads to less cravings between meals.