The Importance of Building a Daily Skin Care Routine

As we leave winter behind and start to look forward to longer days and more natural light, we should also change our skin care routine. After months of dry, harsh cold weather, our skin deserves some TLC. Spring is about new beginnings and why not begin with a simple method to freshen up your beauty routine this season.

There is no need to spend hours in the bathroom when a simple plan is all that is required. By keeping it simple, yet effective, you will be more likely to continue to care for your skin on a regular basis. Each night it is important that you are removing the day from your skin. What we mean by that is taking off all traces of makeup, addressing any skin issues such as acne, and applying products that will help to not only hydrate your skin but also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Alyria Skin Optimizing System offers dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, paraben free products that we carry here at Laser Skin Care and Medspa.

Transforming your skin from the dull and drabness of winter to a lighter and brighter feel, we have taken the guesswork out of which products to use and how to use them the most effectively for glowing result.

Step 1 Using a Cleanser

Avoid using a bar of facial soap. Although many bar soaps are better formulate and gentler on your skin than their harsh predecessors, most of them still cause your skin to become dry because of the ingredients that hold a bar of soap together. These binders tend to be higher in pH levels and will have a negative effect on your skin. A product such as the Gentler Cleanser by Alyria is mild enough to use daily and will leave your skin clean while soft to the touch.

Step 2 Hydrationwoman in shower

Even with an intense cosmetic highlighter, you won’t achieve a look of luminosity if your skin is dehydrated. It is important to ensure you are getting enough fluids during the day but drinking water won’t go directly to your skin. Try the Oil Free Hydrating Lotion if your skin is in the oily range or the Hydrating Complex for all skin types. Both are proven moisturizers to help with moisture loss and to protect against dryness.

If you feel you need an instant boost of hydration than we suggest you try the Intense Hydrating Serum from Alyria that has a combination of vitamin B5 and an antioxidant blend to repair and soothe your skin.

Step 3 Eye Creamwoman's eye

The area around your eyes requires a little extra care as it is thinner and more sensitive skin. It is recommended that Glycolic acid or retinol products not be used close to your eyes. We carry a number of products that may be right for you. From the Alyria Revitalizing Eye Serum and the Firming Eye Cream to the Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream. We would be happy to help you decide which is the best product for your needs.

Step 4 Daily Protection

Cooler temperatures are gone and now it is important to ensure that you are applying a layer of SPF over your moisturizer. It is also a good idea to ensure you are reapplying this throughout out the day as well. Alyria Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45 is the perfect choice for this. It will protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun while providing a unique blend of power antioxidants to minimize further the damage that the sun can cause.

star of sunscreen on ladies backStep 5 Exfoliate Weekly 

Using an exfoliant is important in achieving an even-toned complexion and a brighter, smoother look to your skin. This step only needs to be completed once a week to allow new healthier cells to shine through. Exfoliation sloughs off the top layer of dead skin that will result in an appearance that is clearer and more lustrous. Alyria has a beautiful line of exfoliants to achieve these results.

Whatever your skin type may be, the staff at Laser Skin Care and Medspa can help you choose the right line for your skin type. We are here to help you take the guesswork out of the products that will help you achieve a healthier and more alluring look.