The Importance of Me Time


It doesn’t matter what stage of your life you are in, a little time to yourself is not only an excellent way to recharge, but it is necessary. As a single person in their 20’s trying to carve out a niche, someone with little ones at home, a middle-aged professional, or a mature adult in retirement, all of us need a little time to just be with ourselves.

Self-care is fundamental to living healthy. Our lives are filled with endless running errands, finishing up that project, getting others to where they need to be that we often forget that we matter as well. It is difficult to give when we feel exhausted, run down, or neglected. When we make time for ourselves, we feel more energized, productive, and refreshed.

Many people feel that taking time for themselves is selfish. Me Time is anything but selfish. It is selfless. Making yourself a priority is essential to all those counting on you. Do you ever wonder why the airline stewardess reminds you to put your own oxygen mask on first? If you don’t, you’ll be no good to anyone around you when you are passed out. The same goes for a little recharge.

There are many ways that we can take a little time out from our busy lives to prioritize ourselves. Here are a few suggestions that require no planning and can be done in an hour or more:

  • Head to the bookstore and spend some time browsing
  • Buy yourself a cup of your favorite hot beverage and sit and really enjoy it
  • Go for a walk down a country road
  • Enjoy a movie
  • Call a friend

Sometimes we need to have committed to a program or scheduled an appointment to take some time for us. Here are ways you can practice self-care by scheduling it in:

  • Book a pedicure
  • Schedule time to meditate
  • Join a Yoga class
  • Ask for gift certificates for special occasions to your favorite spa
  • Put a reoccurring appointment in your calendar each week that is just for you


Whether it is scheduled or spontaneous, we all need to let go of the busyness of our lives once in a while. It is not uncommon to think we have it all under control until the balls we’ve been juggling start to fall all around us. Take the time to remind yourself that you are important and deserve a break. The people in your life that count on you will thank you.