Laser and Skin Care Medspa is continually looking for methods and treatments that will bring you the results you are expecting from our Medspa. Our newest addition to the team is a medical Dual-pulsed Q-switched Nd laser that has been designed to offer versatile energy-based solutions.

The variety of treatments options, built in safety, and minimized downtimes is now available in Central Alberta at the Laser and Skin Care Medspa. This technically advanced system allows the professional staff at the Medspa to deliver maximum results to you for the best treatment solutions.

The Spectra is used for treatment in the following areas: 

melasma before and afterMelasma: Melasma is a common skin problem that causes brown patches mostly commonly found on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and upper lip. It can also appear on other body parts that are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Hormonal changes can also be a cause of melasma and can affect both men and women.


tattoo before and after

Tattoo Removal: At one time, tattoo removal techniques included cryosurgery, dermabrasion or excision. The reasons for wanting to remove tattoos are as unique as for why they were chosen in the first place, for this reason, a method was needed to safely remove the variety of colors, intensity, and depths of different tattoos. The Q-switched laser is the most commonly used device for tattoo removal, and the Spectra is the gold standard in this treatment option.


acne scarring before and after

Acne Scars: Acne can be embarrassing to those affected by it. Acne that penetrates deep into the skin is at higher risk of scarring, and the type of scarring depends on how much collagen your body makes. As the body tries to repair itself from the acne, depressed or raised scars can appear. For some, the scarring can affect their daily life. The Spectra Laser can help in scar revision and may help to improve the appearance of the scar or attempt to eliminate it.


Hollywood Laser Peel SpectraHollywood Laser Peel: You don’t have to be a Hollywood Celebrity to rejuvenate your appearance. The Spectra Carbon Laser Peel, also called Hollywood Laser Peel, is a forward-thinking treatment for your skin. This procedure is safe and gentle and will offer the results you want with no pain and no downtime. It will assist in evening out skin tone and texture while refreshing your skin for a more youthful appearance. It is the perfect solution for reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, and acne scarring. This treatment offers numerous benefits that will instantly create a glowing, radiance to your appearance. 


pigment before and after

Pigmented and Vascular Lesions: Pigmented and vascular lesions arise from a wide range of natural and environmental sources including photodamage, genetic makeup, and the aging process. Skin lesions such as birthmarks, rosacea, spider veins, varicose veins, and telangiectasias can be treated by the Spectra Laser. The laser energy is used to break up the pigmentation so that the body can naturally absorb the pigment particles by the immune system.


Whichever treatment option you are seeking, the Spectra Laser offers an edge over other lasers for the best results.  Experts agree that Lutronic products deliver outstanding quality, effective treatments, and improved outcomes compared to other lasers. Laser Skin Care and Medspa are pleased to offer these exceptional treatment options to you. Please call the clinic to book your FREE consultation.

Spectra Laser


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