Jane Iredale is almost a household name in the world of healthy makeups. The real Jane was born in England but moved to the USA to study entertainment in New York and worked in film and TV as a casting director/writer/producer. She worked with the Hollywood notables such as Susan Sarandon, Glenn Close, Sarah Jessica Parker and directors like Stephen Spielberg as well as programming for many years with the BBC.

By the early nineties, in her words, she was experiencing burn out in that industry and started to think about a needed change for something better in the skin care that actors/actresses were applying, which was for many of them, aggravating skin problems such as acne and rosacea.

In 1993 there was no true mineral makeup company. What was available were long standing lines of oil by-product and chemical soups for beauty products. She found a female formulator and a female chemist and along with her, developed a product that was healthy for the skin yet covered well. Her big break came when she linked with a plastic surgeon who was one of the early pioneers in the new laser resurfacing industry who needed a safe option for post treatment cover-up. Soon the word was out and the medical community came on board.


The first product, a loose powder in 5 colors was put on the market in 1994 and quickly morphed over a few years into the most popular seller – the pressed mineral powder – PurePressed Base with sunscreen added. It was now 1996. Jane was able to set the bar high and define what is in the real mineral makeup.

1) If it has talc/nylon/cornstarch in the ingredients – it is not mineral.

2) Real mineral based products have iron oxide/mica/titanium dioxide.

3) Sunscreen has to be a minimum of 15 SPF and contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide minus a plethora of synthetic/chemicals, many of which are known to be carcinogenic. (see

The Jane Iredale skin care makeup line is now 25 years old. It is vegan-based, no animal testing, cruelty free and now available in over 40 countries around the world with approx. 400 products. The main production plant is still situated in Massachusetts USA. “Jane” as it is referred to by the die-hard users, has received and continues to outperform other wannabes. The line is.

1) Recognized by the Skin Care Foundation of America

2) The primary recommended skin care line by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in North America

3) Holds a natural and organic certificate by ECOCert

4) It is #1 for the tenth time for the healthy choice by beauty professionals

5) It continues to win national and international beauty awards


What makes Jane Iredale products special:

1) QUALITY – the use of ingredients provide the best in performance, coverage, application and texture. The products have gone through human instant patch test for irritability and sensitivity as well as testing for heavy metals and photosensitivity on every product developed.

2) 4 products are 4-in-1’s in that they work as a foundation/concealer/sunscreen and provide active skin care benefits.

3) COVERAGE – exceptional for tattoos, bruising, post treatment redness and damage to the skin.

4) NON-COMEDOGENIC (non-pore clogging) – providing a protective, healing, breathing cover that will not clog pores and not create acne.

5) SUN PROTECTION – 6 products have the seal of recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation, for the prevention of sun induced damage to the skin.

6) ADHERENCE – good mineral binding creates resistance to running, smearing or creasing for hours.

No tear stains down the cheeks! In spite of being water based, it will stay in place even when under water for extended periods of time unless physically disrupted by wiping off. Because the products “float” on the skin surface rather than fill into the pores, removal is simple with a microfiber cloth (Magic Mitt) and plain water. Problem skin follows this with an antibiotic cleanser for further help.

7) ALLERGY RISK – is very low due to the intense testing

8) ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – an extra step to include ingredients that will contribute to skin health

9) NATURAL PRESERVATIVES – there is always a need for something but Jane Iredale avoids the known nasties – parabens and phenoxyethanol.

10) NO NANA-PARTICALS (micro-small) minerals in the products therefore enforcing no pore clogging

11) RANGE OF FOUNDATION SHADES – the ability to cover all skin color types from very white to black with no problem color matching

12) RANGE OF FINISHES – minerals interact with light to give that glowing soft effect. The Jane line range is from sheer to full coverage, from luminescent to velvety to matte depending on the individual’s desire. For example the best-selling PurePressed Base SPF 20 is available in 24 shades, simple, quick and easy to apply with a sponge.