PERIORAL DERMATITIS (POD) – That frustrating ugly face rash!

As the name suggests it attacks the lower triangle of the face from the corners of the nose to the chin and is an inflammatory condition rather than an infective or allergy process. It usually effects adult young women in their 20’s and older. It can look like acne, can itch, burn, have red papules, and dry cracking areas that are unresponsive to regular soothing hydrators. POD can develop from inappropriate or chronic use of skin steroid creams that people use for eczema.

There is no one particular cause but some recognized triggers. Besides steroids creams, some strong trigger are:

cosmetic products, 

general skincare products  

Over the counter sunscreens. As more products have become available for men to use as well as young children, POD is seen more and more.

Other triggers less common are:

        1) Wind

        2) Exercise

        3) Cold air

        4) Sun light

        5) Fluorinated products (toothpaste), 

         6) Yeast and bacteria strains and

        7) Hormone changes caused from stress BCP and pregnancy.

Dr.Bakken has treated POD for over 35 years with excellent success rates. With the advent of therapeutic skincare, water based makeup and sunscreens over the last 15 years, the treatment is even easier quicker, cost effective and curable. 

At Laser and Skin Care Medspa we carry Jane Iredale, Alyria, Zo Skin Health and Skin Medica.  As part of an effective protocol for eradicating POD. 

If you think you have this condition please book your Alberta Health Care covered appointment for a consult with Dr.Bakken and her team.