Is Your Makeup Undermining Your Skincare Treatment?

Makeup is a way that you can enhance the natural beauty that you already possess and is used for skincare as well. Using makeup to play up your features and downplay what you consider flaws are what makes this a multi-billion dollar industry and one that grows by 7% each year. The average woman will spend over $3,000 on mascara alone! But is over the counter makeup so many women purchase doing more harm to your skin than helping you appear more radiant?

You may have heard the term that skin needs to breathe. The fact is that the top layer of skin is dead and the layers beneath are nourished by oxygens and nutrients in your blood supply. The implication that is meant when you hear that your skin needs to breathe is whether or not your pores are clogged. It is not a myth that poor makeup choices can clog your pores which in turn can compound the problem of acne-prone skin.

Non-comedogenic makeupJane Iredale skincare is the key to clearer skin while still allowing women to use the skincare and makeup products they love. Jane Iredale Makeup is a line of cosmetics that can be used to protect and nourish your skin. Committed to providing a product line that not only enhances the lives of the women who use it but one that is delivered with integrity makes Jane Iredale products stand out from other lines of makeup products.

Make up that is thick or overly creamy in texture should be avoided as these are more likely to clog your pores and can further aggravate skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and rosacea to name a few. Non-comedogenic makeup is comprised of ingredients that will not block your pores. Most of these products are oil-free and are beneficial to those that have sensitive skin or are acne prone. Not all oils will clog your pores, so it is possible to use non-comedogenic products that contain certain oils such as avocado oil that are used in a number of Jane Iredale concealers and lip products which can be found at Laser and Skin Care Medspa in Red Deer. Make up that contains ingredients such as parabens and silicone should be avoided.avocado with natural ingredients for skincare

Products that are hydrating, control oil and are pH-balancing are healthy, restoring and revitalizing to your skin. You want to nourish your skin while still protecting it. Avoid makeup with synthetic fragrances or talc as these are potential irritants for those with sensitive skin. Look for natural ingredients such as aloe vera extract, chamomile flower extract, jojoba seed oil and tea tree extract. These ingredients have all been shown to be good for your skin.

A skincare line that is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested is a good start to finding a line of products that will not add to your acne problem. Because promises made by cosmetic companies about their products aren’t regulated by the FDA, it is important that you educate yourself. Skincare is individual, and while one product may work for others, it may not necessarily be your best choice. Taking the time to read the ingredients on packages and talking with a professional will be helpful.

Just as important as choosing the right makeup to suit your skin, it is also vital that you have a good skincare routine. Leaving your makeup on overnight is a no-no, and you should also avoid aggressive forms of exfoliation. Ensuring that you are treating the underlying acne problem rather than just using makeup to cover it up is another is another suggestion. Once the condition has been treated, it is important to keep the treatment program in place to prevent future breakouts. The staff at Laser Skin Care and Medspa would be happy to give you more information on how we can help you care for you