Losing weight can be very difficult and require a great deal of self-discipline. Oftentimes, upon achieving their target weight, many people then find that a few stubborn areas of fat remain, particularly on the belly, thighs, buttocks, and so forth. These areas of the body may not respond as well to traditional methods of weight-loss and this can result in an unbalanced appearance contrary to the desired goal. Laser and Skincare MedSpa in Red Deer can help you realize your weight loss goals and achieve your desired shape with body contouring and fat removal using the Zerona Laser. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been developing and evolving over the last decade with increasing biological and physiological evidence supporting the use of LLLT, and Zerona specifically, for its effect on adipose tissue (body fat). Low Level Laser Therapy can help you with your ultimate weight loss goals and assist you in achieving the body contouring that you desire.

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Actual Patient from Laser and Skincare MedSpa


Before and after photos of a Laser and Skincare MedSpa patient who had a series of Zerona Laser Treatments. The patient lost 10.43 combined inches (waist, abdomen hips and thighs) and also lost 8 pounds.

Benefits of Weight Loss

Weight loss is often desirable for more than just aesthetic reasons as people who are obese or overweight are considered more likely to be at risk of health issues including heart disease, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and even some cancers. Studies have shown that even modest weight loss can lower blood-cholesterol and triglyceride levels and improve conditions related to high blood pressure and diabetes. While the Zerona Fat Removal Laser targets body areas (such as the belly, thighs, buttocks, etc.) where it is difficult to reduce fat by diet and exercise alone it is still recommended that patients consider modest lifestyle changes in order to experience all the health benefits associated with weight loss.

How the Zerona Laser Works

To date, there are over 600 physicians using the Zerona low level laser, with few reports of negative experiences and virtually no Zerona Lasers returned. There are now thousands of satisfied Zerona patients who have seen the benefits of non-invasive laser fat-slimming technology to help them achieve their weight loss goals. The Zerona has featured in multiple peer reviewed clinical trial and basic science articles. It works by emitting light at a wavelength of 635nm which can penetrate the skin and reach the fat cells deeper in the tissue. When the Zerona light (photon) hits the fat cells it disrupts the cell membrane allowing the triglycerides and free fatty acids within the cells to leak out. This fatty matter is then flushed out of the body through the normal processes of metabolism and detoxification. Although the Zerona Laser can be used to target any areas of the body with troublesome fat cells, fat reduction may also occur elsewhere on the body including the arms, legs, face, and ankle area as a result of treatment and general loss of fatty tissue.

It bears repeating that there is overwhelming scientific evidence supporting the use of this treatment method to effect significant reductions in fat and adipose tissue, resulting in measureable inch-loss and visible alterations of body contour and weight.

As is the case with any successful weight loss, fat reduction, or body contouring program patients will also want to adopt healthy lifestyle habits during treatment in order to increase muscle activity and lymphatic system health and ensure long-lasting results. During treatment it is particularly recommended that patients drink 2 liters of water a day and spend at least 30 minutes walking each day or engaging in some other form of exercise. It is important to understand that Zerona fat reduction is not liposuction, the results can be subtle and requires patients to stick with the Zerona program so as to really see the benefits.

Zerona’s results have shown that 85% of patients treated with LLLT have achieved a 3-9 inch reduction in fat measurement. Despite these high success rates it is worth noting that realistic expectations are necessary as no clinical laser program (including Thermage, Ultrashape, Liposonix, Fraxel and IPL) have a 100% success rate. In fact, many successful and accepted laser and light technologies have a 10-30% documented non-responder rate among patients.

Comparing Liposuction to Zerona Laser Fat Removal



Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery to remove fat. The physician and patient decide how much fat to safely remove. Removing too much fat can cause lumpiness and visible skin indentations – the more fat removed, the higher the surgical risk. The procedure also has to be performed under anesthesia, unlike Zerona.

Zerona Laser fat Removal

Laser Fat Removal utilizes a Low Level Light Laser which generates very little heat and is completely painless. As a non-invasive procedure, patients can usually return to their normal daily activities immediately. Patients often wish to undergo a series of treatments for additional body contouring and weight loss.

How many Zerona Laser treatments are needed for fat reduction?

Patients who want to lose fat are treated 9 times over a period of two weeks. Each of the six sessions takes 40 minutes – 20 minutes to the front of the body and 20 minutes to the back of the body. During this time the patient is able to relax and experiences no discomfort.

Is time for recovery required after Zerona body contour treatments?

Zerona Laser treatments are completely non-invasive and therefore require no downtime for recovery after treatments. You will be able to return to most normal activities immediately after treatment.

Is there any pain with losing weight and fat with the Zerona Laser?

The Zerona is Low Level Laser Therapy and because the low level of light generates very little heat there is no discomfort or pain during or after the treatments.

Is the Zerona Laser for everyone who wants to lose weight?

The Zerona is best suited for individuals who realize that reasonable lifestyle choices must be made to maximize success for weight loss or for shedding unwanted fat for a more desirable body contour. This includes simple recommendations such as walking for at least 30 minutes per day. To ensure Zerona’s success, Laser and Skincare MedSpa in Red Deer consults closely with all patients, ensuring that those who are serious about weight loss management are able to access appropriate treatments to help them achieve their goals.

Laser and Skincare MedSpa recommends the following weight loss diets and ideas to assist you with healthy living:

The Zone Weight Loss Diet 

The Zone Diet was developed by biochemist Dr. Barry Sears and advocates eating balanced meals consisting of carbohydrates, protein and fat on a 40:30:30 ratio to lose weight.

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The Mediterranean Weight Loss Diet

The Mediterranean diet was inspired by traditional diets found in the coastal regions of southern Italy and Crete. In addition to regular exercise to aid in weight loss, the diet emphasizes fresh fruit (as a daily dessert), olive oil (as the principle source of fat), dairy products, moderate poultry and fish, and minimal red meat and wine. Total fat consumption in the Mediterranean diet is 25% to 35% of calories, with saturated fat at 8% or less of calories.

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HCG Diet (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin)

The “hormone diet” researched and developed over 60 years ago by Dr. ATW Simeons.  The hormone allows the body to focus on burning fat rather than muscle tissue for calories.  

Note: Refer to weight loss program in menu bar for full information.

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Canada’s Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living

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Zerona Laser as seen on the Dr. Oz Show (A Fat Fighting Miracle Procedure)

The patient’s weight loss on this episode equated to one full pant size and she looks great! 

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The Safest Ways To Lose Weight

Limit portion sizes

Reduce foods that are high in calories

Choose foods naturally high in fiber

Increase physical activity

Avoid dangerous fad diets that promise outrageous results