Laser and Skincare MedSpa in Red Deer, Alberta, is an affiliate of Hair Loss Control Clinic CA since 2007. We offer several patented hair loss treatment products and FDA approved Low-Level Laser Therapy; treatments have been proven to be both safe and effective for men and women. We offer free no-obligation consultations for thinning hair, scalp conditions, broken/damaged hair and hair loss caused by hereditary conditions or chemotherapy. In addition to the Hair Laser we provide patients with a comprehensive program with a patented medical hair care line of products. Patients receive a customized treatment plan based on individual hair loss needs and objectives. Photos are taken to help keep track of improvements even at the earliest stages and enable you to see your hair regrowth as it progresses.


The benefits of Laser Therapy and these carefully-selected hair loss treatment products have been well documented for both men and women affected by hair loss. Our FDA approved laser promotes hair regrowth and showed a 93% response-rate (in a double blind study) with an average of 19 new thick hairs per centimeter in only 6 months. If you’re suffering from hair loss there is hope to regrow your hair through our physician-directed hair loss programs and the use of the in-clinic and at-home laser brush.

What Is Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser Light Hair Therapy is defined as a cool laser that effectively stimulates the area causing an increase in blood flow and photobiostimulation. Photobiostimulation is a bio-chemical non-thermal effect that results from the exposure of living tissue to various dosage of energy at varying wavelengths emitted by low level lasers.

Five Distinct Photobiostimulation Effects Known to Occur

  • An increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP is the body’s main energy source) and protein synthesis – causing an increase in osmotic cellular function.
  • Improved cell proliferation (growth).
  • Increase in protein synthesis – causing a change in cell membrane permeability.
  • Increased blood circulation of 54% after only one treatment, providing additional nourishment for the hair follicle.
  • Clinically proven to increase the size of the capillaries under the hair follicle.

HLCC is now considered the Global Leader in Laser Hair Loss Treatment and has been a physician directed company since 1987!  It now has over 175 locations in 30 plus countries around the world.  Laser hair loss treatments have been proven 100% safe and effective in over 3500 scientific/medical papers in the past 35 years.  The multi therapeutic approach of healthy hair products for good scalp hygiene, along with the low level lasers and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) inhibiting products yield the best results globally.

HLCC has developed a powerful home laser system to complement the in-house laser allowing maximum versatility and convenience for the busy mobile patient.


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