What is it?

Dermaplaning is a double duty treatment. 

This popular skin care procedure gets smooth skin fast! The skin is manually exfoliated removing the fine peach fuzz vellus hairs and layers of dead skin on the surface using a special medical scalpel.

It is important to understand that this is not shaving.

The procedure improves the absorption of products and can be used as a prep for lasers and peels/masks. The intent is to improve the skin condition not just removing hair. It is safe for all skin types but not for those with active facial acne, severe acne scarring, active skin infections, rosacea flare-ups or eczema.

It’s a good option for pregnant women and those sensitive to certain chemicals used in some facials.


 Is it safe? / What are the side effects?


There are many self-do gizmos on the market! They are not the same thing, therefore cannot give you an effective or lasting result.

It goes without saying that any procedure involving a medical grade special surgical blade is not for trying at home or to have your BF perform.

Electrolysis or plucking hair with a tool is becoming less available and for good reason. The trauma to the tissue, increased  pigmentation, and potential hair thickening along with visible scarring are all reasons it has joined the dust bin of old technology.

Dermaplaning is a professional certified aesthetic procedure requiring a trained skill set.

There is always the potential for superficially nicking the skin. Side effects post treatment are minimized with the use of high quality procedure products and recommended hydrators.

It is important to advise the clinic / aesthetician if you are prone to cold sores. Like any stimulating / irritating procedure this virus can be activated. At your consult visit, the doctor can give you a prescription for an antiviral to prevent an outbreak, if this is of concern.


Does the facial hair grow back in thicker?


Unlike electrolysis or plucking dermaplaning will not change the color or thickness of the hair.

This is a common misconception. The hair is cut off at the surface and does not create damage to the follicle structure.


 What if peach fuzz is my main concern?


Minus the benefits of exfoliation and skin rejuvenation there is a product in a topical cream prescription that can be applied daily to the face for several months. Vaniqua interferes with the reproductive cycle of hair growth so over time the emergence slows down. Unfortunately there is no laser that works on colorless hair. If you are interested in a longer-term product that is not dermaplaning please discuss it with the doctor or esthetician. A prescription can be written for you.


 What should I do before the procedure – the prep?


  1. The skin should be free of any cuts or blemishes.
  2. Avoid the use of exfoliants, toners mechanical cleansing cloths, and products containing retinols and glycolic acids for 48 hours prior.
  3. Think about sun protection so to avoid even mild sunburn.

The aesthetician can recommend medical grade healthy physical blockers, not chemical blockers such as SkinMedica, Zo Skin Health and Jane Iredale


Post treatment care

  1. Over the counter oil by product makeup / powders have to be avoided for 24 hours after the procedure. Jane Iredale and Glo skincare are exceptions. These skin care lines are truly water-based, mineral, organic and antibacterial that can be worn immediately. They are recommended and have been part of the plastic surgeons post care for many years because of these properties.
  2. As listed in the prep it is important to avoid any retinol products, any mechanical, chemical irritants and exfoliant products for 2 to 4 days. Esthetician will discuss and recommend a custom postcare protocol for you
  3. Again it’s important to think about sun exposure. The esthetician will check with you if you are on a medical grade sunscreen or recommend one that the clinic carries. Sun protection is now becoming part of today’s world daily life.
  4. Hydrate hydrate hydrate! You may have a high quality product already or we can recommend from our product lines. Some hydrators we recommend are Revoderm MultiVitamin, SkinMedica Ultra Sheer, ProDerm Regenerating Crème

Dermaplaning leaves the skin smoother softer and brighter.


The procedure:

  1. The face is washed with a gentle cleanser and then a facial oil remover is applied and the skin is lightly dried. 
  2. Under light tension the skin is feather stroked with a sterile blade to remove dead skin layers, softening scars and wrinkles and exposing new skin cells.
  3. A warm towel is applied over the face
  4. A hydrator is applied unless a special mask has been recommended.

The treatment is approximately 30 minutes in duration depending on whether the treatment is followed by mask application.

Skin care products can penetrate better and without those fine hairs makeup sits and looks smoother. Maximum benefit lasts approximately 4 weeks.

Laser and Skin Care MedSpa looks forward to offering you this procedure as one more way to give you a method to feel and look your best.