Importance of Activity in Aging and Lifespan

Healthy eating and diet concept. Closeup happy young woman holding vegetables on green blue background. Studio shot.

Evidence has been building for over the last decade of the link between premature death, heart disease, and certain cancers and the amount of physical activity in one’s life. The worst job is a desk job -it takes years off even a healthy normal weight person!

What can you do? If you have a desk job, stand up and work when possible for periods of time or get up and move around for five minutes every hour. Think about how you can build activity into your job. Continue reading “Importance of Activity in Aging and Lifespan”

PERIORAL DERMATITIS (POD) – That frustrating ugly face rash!

As the name suggests it attacks the lower triangle of the face from the corners of the nose to the chin and is an inflammatory condition rather than an infective or allergy process. It usually effects adult young women in their 20’s and older. It can look like acne, can itch, burn, have red papules, and dry cracking areas that are unresponsive to regular soothing hydrators. POD can develop from inappropriate or chronic use of skin steroid creams that people use for eczema. Continue reading “PERIORAL DERMATITIS (POD) – That frustrating ugly face rash!”