PERIORAL DERMATITIS (POD) – That frustrating ugly face rash!

As the name suggests it attacks the lower triangle of the face from the corners of the nose to the chin and is an inflammatory condition rather than an infective or allergy process. It usually effects adult young women in their 20’s and older. It can look like acne, can itch, burn, have red papules, and dry cracking areas that are unresponsive to regular soothing hydrators. POD can develop from inappropriate or chronic use of skin steroid creams that people use for eczema. Continue reading “PERIORAL DERMATITIS (POD) – That frustrating ugly face rash!”

Cosmeceuticals – What are they? What they mean for you.

Cosmeceuticals  by definition are skin care products that contain active ingredients that make a difference in function & structure of the skin without it being a prescription product. In the last decade cosmeceuticals have greatly evolved into effective skincare and overall are healthier choices then over the counter skincare lines. Generally these are available through medical spas as many of these products contain prescription level concentrations that require direction and supervision of use.

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4 Benefits of Choosing Makeup That Will Protect and Nourish Skin

For many women, makeup is an essential beauty product that enhances their appearance and self-esteem. However, makeup can contain some not so appealing ingredients that may be hazardous to your health, and this has become a major cause for concern amongst professionals in the health and wellness industry. With that said, there are safe makeup products that aren’t chemically-produced and help to combat those growing health concerns.

Jane Iredale Makeup is a good example and the therapeutic skin care line we carry at Laser and Skin Care Medspa. This line nourishes and protects the skin after laser skin resurfacing treatments, chemical peels and other skin treatments. Natural makeup like this is safe for the skin and the wearer, and although nourishing the skin is a great benefit of healthy makeup, the benefits don’t stop there. Below you will find four more ways that this natural makeup can benefit your skin.

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