Banish Wrinkles- Gone Gravity!

Lisa-Before-After-300x200Improbable promises seen dozens of times daily in advertising but much a reality with medical grade volumizing filler products. such as Juvederm.




Sculpting, clarifying, firming and redefining are all words used in anti-ageing medicine to describe reversing the ageing of the face and neck.

-Repair the crooked nose

-Build cheek bones or put them back, build a chin or for men a more masculine chin

-Fill deep lines on sides of the mouth

-Deep lines between the eyes or in the forehead, crow’s feet or cheeks

-Thin uneven lids, crinkling lips, down turning mouth

-Droopy eye lids, droopy nose, droopy eye brows and sagging forehead

-Distortion of the lower face from over bite

-Unattractive hands

-Acne scars, pits in the skin, depressions from trauma or injected medications

The possibilities are endless for the new generation of natural fillers.

Past facial reconstruction involved cutting, elevating and repositioning muscles and pulling skin to the hair line (typical face lift). Then the advent of implants like Titanium and fat improved the finished look but also came with potential alarming complications (think Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson from the 80’s and 90’s). Then came the synthetic and animal products like cow collagen (primarily for lips), rooster comb ( Restylane) and blends with acrylics (Artecoll, Dermalive) -there forever. Complications and need for allergy testing made the use of these inconvenient and often very negative with irreversible consequences for the client.

Fast track and new technology brought the natural fillers- pure, predictable and satisfactory for patient and doctor.

The French product, JUVEDERM was available in Europe for many years when it was approved by Health Canada in the early 2000’s, soon with its innovative product line offering a variety of natural densities and then by 2010 building freezing into the gel. It swept the North American market rising to the No.1 popular choice by medical injectors. It now occupies up to 80% of the market. Juvederm fillers are composed of formulas of long and short chain sugar molecules cross linked ( Hyaluronic acid) allowing for a variety of densities and longevity of product depending on the area to be recovered or repaired. Even more reassuring the filler can be reversed if the result is not perfect, with enzyme. All injectors should have this available. Hyaluronic acid is inside every cell of skin, muscle and bone tissue, acting as a hydrator and adds volume to skin cells.. Not being a foreign product, the body accepts it readily and slowly the molecules are metabolized and the energy from these sugar molecules used efficiently by normal body processes.

In 2010 with the release of Voluma for sculpting and in 2013 Volbella for fine lines, these Vycoss products allow for greater longevity and versatility.The extra bonus – no down time.  Juvederm distribution rights in North America are held by Allergan who also has the Botox distribution. The high grade purity control is reassuring to doctors and trained nurses that they can provide a top quality product to Canadians and more recently Americans.

Dr.Bakken uses all long acting Juvederm products so touch ups are generally minimum one to two plus years. Which she likes to refer to as “tweeking” for maintenance.

Aging of the face and neck are victim to the three D’s

1)     Deterioration

2)     Deflation

3)     Descent

Replacing support and volume allows for non-surgical return of the face to an earlier time (5-10 years) and can be maintained as long as one wishes at a younger version or a better version of themselves.

As with Botox , consistent care leaves the tissues in a better state then before the treatments started. In other words stopping the use of volumizing even over many years doesn’t mean the face ends up like before or worse than before. Ground zero has been adjusted to a more positive position. This phenomenon has been proven and witnessed over several decades by many long term injectors. The process of slowing ageing is enhanced by dedicated use of science based skincare. Laser and Skin Care Medspa has several amazing lines like DCL, Zo and Alyria to support and enhance the improvements created by volume replacement.

Even men, slow to come around the idea of anti-ageing and rejuvenation are loving the boost and attention from Botox effects and use of strategic subtle enhancement with Juvederm!

Dr.Bakken wants her clients to experience the joy and excitement of LOVING THAT FACE in the mirror and the boost of confidence, self-esteem and happiness that results.

Her philosophy in creating the time reversal process is a fusion of ARTISTRY MEETING SCIENCE.

The SCIENCE of Juvederm  – natural fillers is a proven dependable product with 20 years of world use.

The medical injector must have an innate skill and eye for the ARTISTRY required to achieve a balanced NATURAL look- not over done, plastic or freaky. A skill set equated usually with a plastic surgeon

Through the last decade, Dr.Bakken’s niche and forte has evolved to encompass reconstruction of even the most challenging faces. Her goal is to provide her client with a satisfying, comfortable and exciting experience- TIME TRAVEL- back to a new future.


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