Acne Scars & The Best Treatments

Of course preventing scarring with acne would be ideal. Severity of scarring is related directly to how severe the lesion presents. Controlling active acne and reducing and eliminating the damage from scarring is the goal of the Laser and Skin Care Medspa’s dedicated acne program.

Doctors have relied on the use of topical Vitamin A (retinoids) or in severe cases, oral Vitamin A (Accutane) for several decades. With the development of skin revision techniques (lasers & micro-needling), results of treatment can be very satisfying for both the physician and the patient.

It is still a mystery as to why some skins will go from normal to inflamed then return to normal while others will arrest at a permanent scar phase and not see improvement.

The key may be in the balance in the skin of 3 factors – the collagen forming, the breaking down of collagen and the levels of inhibitors that control these 2 processes.


For many decades it has been known that topical Vitamin A improves people with acute and chronic acne. Some recent studies have shown that retinoids definitely shift the balance to forming new collagen. This is a win-win (Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, May 2014; 70(5) SUPPLI.1,AB8). Studies have shown that not only is there a positive effect on acne, there is marked improvement in skin texture, polish and tone.

Chemical Peels

There has been a shift in the past 10-15 years away from very drastic surface altering chemical peels because of the risks and complications. “Peels” have become more user friendly and are generally either Alpha-Hydroxy Acid or Beta-Hydroxy Acid based. The secret is in the pH of the product which inhibits bacterial growth. There is still a place for the use of facial products to induce a microscopic peeling and stimulus for cell turn over.

Fractional Lasers & Acne Lasers

This technology came on board almost 20 years ago based on the simple science that by creating micro channels of damage in the tissue the body’s natural healing cascade would come in to play and replace scarred, abnormal tissue. In particular Laser & Skin Care Medspa carries the Cynosure Laser. In 2017, it acquired the Spectra Laser system that was designed for specifically treating colored skin with scarring and pigment.

acne scarring before and after


This technology has resurged in popularity with the advances in skin nutrient products and the equipment required for successful dermal placement. Generally microneedling will not go to the depths that the lasers will attain. However there is still significant stimulation of the body’s healing cascade and this actual event of increased collagen production has been proven by many scientific studies.

For active and chronic acne Laser and Skin Care Medspa has a dedicated program since 2005 involving hands on treatments with specific facial peels and microdermabrasion. These basic treatments are covered with those that have Alberta Health Care. Topical retinoids, medical grade skin care, water base makeup (Jane Iredale) speed up the clearing and control of active acne. Lasers and microneedling options compliment and are available for those with more severe scarring.