4 Common Causes of Adult-Onset Acne

adult-acneAcne can be especially frustrating for adults. People often relate this skin condition with teenagers, but men and women in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond can experience deep pimples and cysts, as well. Below are some of the causes of adult acne:

Fluctuations In Hormones

Adult-onset acne is more common in women than men, and most common in menopausal women. Acne in women is often caused by fluctuating hormone levels, as a hormone imbalance can lead to a breakout. These imbalances or fluctuations can happen during menopause, peri-menopause, pregnancy, around menstrual periods and after starting or discontinuing birth control pills.

Genetic Predisposition

Genetics play a major role in many of the conditions that affect us, including adult acne. Some people may be genetically predisposed to acne, for instance. So, if someone has a close blood relative with adult acne, it’s possible that they, too, will have acne.

Side Effect From a Medication

Certain medications can cause acne as a side effect. If a medication does cause acne, you should discuss switching medications with your doctor. If discontinuing or changing the medication is not possible, a dermatologist should be consulted to help bring the acne under control. When it comes to dermatology, Red Deer men and women can contact Laser and Skin Care Medspa for a consultation with Dr. Bakken

A Symptom of Stress

Lifestyle choices and excessive stress can trigger adult acne. It causes the body to produce certain hormones such as cortisols and androgens that upset oil gland functions in the skin.

At Laser and Skin Care Medspa, we assess each client’s skin to design the treatment plan that will deliver the best results. Some of the services we offer for treating acne include Levulan Photodynamic Therapy and Blu-U. We also carry skin care lines, like Revoderm, which are effective for acne-prone skin, and Jane Iredale, a hypo-allergenic, non-toxic cosmetic line.
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